Robert Yellin’s Newsletter: Robert Yellin Gallery Renewal

Greetings from Mishima,

The sakura petals have come and gone here in Japan, there was even a photo taken of them with a cozy snow frosting, it’s beenthat cold here this spring. Wherever this may find you, we hopeyour skies are clear.

Finally we have launched our newly designed web gallery! It has the same URL as before at and is astand-alone site now separate from Trocadero. Our previous
gallery is still viewable at and shallremain there for the time being, to be faded out in the comingmonths. Please note all new listings will be at our new site. As noted, we’ll be slowly phasing out the Trocadero gallery and as such any offers on pieces listed there will be considered for the near future.

Our new design has a crisper feel and the photos pop up in a more
defined manner; please note that when the photos do pop up there
will be a ‘next’ and ‘previous’ button visible at the top thirdof each photo, yet only if you move your mouse there.

Another feature we added is an exhibition page for one-person or group shows. I was in Tokyo yesterday to view the collection of Mr. Ed. Keiths who has decided to return to the US after more than thirty years; we’ll be featuring part of his collection–mostly sake vessels–on the exhibition page next week; the boxes should arrive at the gallery on Monday. He also has a grand collection of Meiji-Showa small clay figures.

Any comments positive or constructive criticism about the new gallery are gladly welcome; as our testimonials for our gallery.
We’d like to add some new ones.

Also, any ceramic treasures sent within the next few weeks will also be accompanied by a pack of Shizuoka green tea as a small way to say thank you so very much.

Many thanks for your continued interest and patronage; assisting in creating small or major collections of the finest Japanese ceramic art past and present, that is our goal.


Robert Yellin
Yukari Niokawa
Mitsuyo Watanabe
Gallery located in Mishima, Shizuoka-ken;
please visit anytime when in Japan.

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Please check the new postings at:
sake, shochu and sushi


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