Today’s Lunch Box/Bento (’10/33): Growing Bento Boom

The present Bento boom is not happening only outside Japan, but very much in this country, too, as witnessed on the NHK News this morning who ran a report on young professional (and eliglble) men not only making their own bentoes, but also devising, creating and marketing their own boxes!

The main difference with the traditional bento boxes is that they are definitely hip and hi-tec!
In the coming days, I will run a series of postings on bento and bento boxes to provide as much as information as possible for my blogging friends!

Now, to come to today’s bento, I had forgotten most of the (cleaned!) boxes I had been given last Saturday and the Missus had to do with a motley assortment of boxes!

The “main dish” was placed in my old bamboo leaves woven box.

The Missus came back to her classics: boiled violet sweet potatoes/beni satsuma imo, and deep-fried chicken/karaage niwatoriniku, with a piece of lemon for extra seasoning and some lettuce for colour and vitamin C.

As for the rice, two types of “musubi/large rice balls” made with frshly steamed rice: one containg cheese and seasoned with soy sauce, the other wrapped in nori/dry seaweed and topped with (and also containing) pickled Japanese plum/umeboshi.

The salad/dessert side dish as usual was very colourful, although the Missus grumbled that the whole bento was a failure! (I can tell I don’t mind about herfailures!LOL).

A mixed salad of various boiled beans and hijiki sweet seaweed, pickled carrot parpadelle, walnuts and lettuce. A home-made pickled myoga ginger sprouts made for extra seasoning and colour.

The “tubes” are “chikuwa/fish paste tubes that I filled myself with cucumber sticks. Some home-made pickled wasabi stems and the first cherries of the year for dessert!

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2 thoughts on “Today’s Lunch Box/Bento (’10/33): Growing Bento Boom”

  1. I love bento boxes! (I have a few and they always make my lunch more enjoyable 🙂
    I visited Japan in September 2007 and we visited Shimizu in Shizuoka 🙂 (We went there to visit someone). I’ll check out your other blog too 🙂


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