Today’s Lunch Box/Bento (’10/34)

Have you ever heard the expression, a “grotty day”?
That is when you wake up in the morning looking at an overcast sky and hear the first drops of the rain that wil come and go at the wrong moments all day!
Well, being a hedonist, I can see only one way to ignore such outside influences: eat, and eat well!
If you know a good lunch is awaiting you, you can take things along in your stride however unpleasant they are!LOL

For once, I will change the description order of my bento of the day, and will start with the sala and garnish paert.

From right to left:
Small daikon marinated/pickled in sweet rice vinegar and umeboshi/pickled Japanese plum.
Freshly boiled green peas.
Violet sweet potato/beni satsuma imo salad.

The Missus boiled the egg last night long enough to obtain solid white and still soft yolks. She then marinated it all night in soy sauce and other ingredients. The same eggs can served in all kind of fashions and garnishes any time of the day.

Now, for the main dish:
The Missus filled the box with freshly steamed rice that she covered with finely shredded vegetables.

She fried pork fillet slices in “tonkatsu” style, before brushing them with plenty of miso bbq sauce. The same sauce has the merit to seaon the vegetables and rice under the pork. She then cut them across for better size and sprinkled roasted sesame seeds over them.

For dessert, Shizuoka oranges and mini tomatoes compote!
Tomorrow’s forecast is fine!

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