Bryan Baird’s Newsletter (2010/06/04)

Baird Beer & Taproom Events Bulletin

Two New Experimental Seasonal Brews

Dear Taproom Friend & Baird Beer Enthusiast:

Over the past ten years we have brewed an almost countless variety of characterful seasonal beers. Our reservoir of energy and enthusiasm for continued experimentation in brewing a diverse array of beer remains full to overflowing. Please welcome the newest members of our seasonal beer club.

*Biere du Japon (ABV 5.8%):

This fantastically original beer is an unique combination of Belgian brewing tradition and Japanese ingredients. The brewing grist incorporates English malted barley as a minority ingredient (49%); the others are all indigenous Japanese material (raw wheat, genmai rice, akato sugar). We borrow the Belgian brewing penchant for use of unusual spices by flavoring Biere du Japon with the following local ingredients: shoga (ginger), sansho peppercorns, and lemons (fresh peels and a little squeezed juice). Fermentation is handled by a Belgian Wit beer strain. The result is a wonderfully quenching taste of springtime in Japan.

Biere du Japon will be available on draught at Baird Beer retailing pubs and restaurants throughout Japan beginning Saturday, June 5 (including our own Taproom pubs). It also will be available for purchase in 360 ml bottles through our fine network of craft beer retailing liquor shops in Japan. Consumer purchases direct from the brewery are possible through our online E-Shop ( — visit the 360 ml bottle year-round beer section.

*White Wheat Ale (ABV 4.6%):

White Wheat Ale is a somewhat more standard interpretation of a classic Belgian-style Wit beer, which is a white hued ale brewed with large amounts of wheat (raw and malted). These zesty and refreshing brews often are subtly spiced with coriander and orange peel. We leave out the coriander but do add a bit of orange juice to lend an nice touch of acidic fruitiness. White Wheat Ale is the perfect accompaniment to tangy salads and fish dishes of all sorts.

White Wheat Ale is a small batch brew available exclusively on draught and only at our three Taproom pubs (Numazu Fishmarket, Nakameguro and Harajuku). Please stop in for a glass or two while quantities last.


Bryan Baird

Baird Brewing Company
Numazu, Japan

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