Today’s Lunch Box/Bento (’10/43): Broiled Conger Eel Bento

Picture taken by the Missus!

The Missus has been less than happy with my mobile phone pics recently and she decided to send me the above pic for publication. After all, she said, I make the bento, so I have the right to choose the proper picture!LOL

That is my picture and I must admit it does look as good! LOL again!
As for the title, she had prepared a chirashizushi/散らし寿司/”decoration sushi” with broiled conger eels (not the unagi/鰻/common eel, but the anago/穴子/conger eel).

She lay the freshly steamed sushi rice into two different layers:

the first one topped with lightly pickled cucumber slices and broiled conger eel, and the second one again added with some home-pickled sansho/山椒/Japanese pepper for extra zip and some roasted sesame seeds.

And two more kinds of pickles (daikon) for extra colours and taste.

Now for the side dish: plenty of colours and variety once again.

Boiled violet sweet potatoes, cheese and walnuts salad flanked with lettuce and lightly vinegar-pickled vegetables: cucumber, carrot, pimentoes, celery and mini tomato.

And tamagoyaki/Japanese omelette containing shiso/perilla leaves.
Would you believe that the Missus had first forgotten to include it? LOL

Grapes from Chile and yellow kiwi fruit from Japan for dessert!

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10 thoughts on “Today’s Lunch Box/Bento (’10/43): Broiled Conger Eel Bento”

  1. I love eel. A lot. These are beautiful and I agree with Mrs., her pictures are lovely. Although, yours certainly did the trick of whetting my appetite … could have been her bentos!


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