Sake can be truly extravagant in Shizuoka Prefecture, when you realize that futsushu/regular sake accounts for only 18% of its total production as compared to over 60% nationwide.
Not only this but futsushu made here uses rice that has been polished down to 70% and even less!

Hatsukame Brewery/Futsushu
Rice milled down to 65%

Clarity: very clear
Color: transparent
Aroma: discreet, fruity, almonds, nuts
Body: velvety
Taste: Sweetish attack. Shortish tail. Fruity: almonds, nuts, bitter chocolate.
Keeps well with any food.
Overall: Pleasant on the palate and tongue. Eminently drinkable.
Simply extravagant for a futsushu.
Great with food. Drinks up very quickly.
Can be savoured chilled, at room temperature or lukewarm (« nurukan »).
Certainly qualify for more than as futsushu/regular.

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