Today’s Lunch Box/Bento (’10/51): Unending Rainy Season Bento

We are having a “small problem” with the rainy season this year and it seems we are not the exception, either!
We have been submitted to an unceasing series of unpredictable extremes from scalding heat to rain curtain storms with no end in sight.
No wonder people don’t feel like stepping outside, except when shopping, when it is a battle to wrench the best produce out of the display shelves in supermarkets!
Oh well… keep smiling and don’t drink too much!

This is also a time of the year when particular attention is needed to healthy, sustaining and gentle (on the body) ingredients.
The Missus (who will eat the same for lunch) steamed plain rice before mixing it with home-made umeboshi/pickled Japanese plums. These umeboshi were not pickled in salt but in vinegar. Definitely healthier! They are soft enough for the flesh to be torn away from the pit and mixed with the rice, turning the latter into sushi rice. She also added plenty of roasted sesame seeds for extra seasoning and nutrients.
Boiled green asparagus with a dash of dressing provided for the finishing touch.

The “main dish” included two types of food:

“Niwatori Dango/Chicken balls”. The Missus pressed shimeji mushrooms and plenty of sesame seeds (two colours) on top before frying them in sesame oil. Very soft and tasty balls! The vegetables are fried shishito peppers and fresh lettuce for more vitamins and fibers.

My favourite: plain tamagoyaki/Japanese omelette!

Interesting colourful dessert: home-made sweet mini-tomatoes compote and fresh blueberries!

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22 thoughts on “Today’s Lunch Box/Bento (’10/51): Unending Rainy Season Bento”

      1. No problem! Oh and tell the missus that they were very tasty and easy to make. The only omission on my part was the mushroom as I didn’t have any!!


      2. The one who chases white rabbits and receives calls from hookah-smoking caterpillars. Do you remember what the dormouse said, Bob?


    1. Dear Susan!
      She uses minced chicken. She adds (I’m afraid you will have to experiment, as I don’t know the exact secrets!) sesame oil, soy sauce, grated ginger, finely chopped leeks and pepper. No salt as there is enough in the soy sauce. She might use ground sesame seeds, too.
      She mixes the wole until it is very smooth. She will make the balls and leave them in the fridge for a while.
      She “pressed” the mushrooms and sesame seeds on top and fried them in a little sesame oil and some sauce later (more to experiment!).
      She often coats the balls with cornstarch before frying them!
      Good cooking!


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