Today’s Lunch Box/Bento (’10/56): Pork & Beans Curry Bento

We are in for a long and dreary summer, what with the infernal heat or torrential rains. Take your pick.
I’ve been repeating this for a few weeks now, but I suppose I’m only emulating the Missus who is having a hard time in her hot kitchen!
Accordingly, although meals still have to stay balanced and contain enough greens for the vital vitamin, they must also pack for more energy as we tend to drink more and eat less.

The Missus foraged in the refrigerator and came up with a curry of her own (she can’t live without pasta or curry, incdentally!). I do not really want to go into details as I was busy while she was cooking.
This is one her favourites: beans of all kinds stewed with minced pork and mushrooms, the whole in a curry sauce of her own.

She used these dear old tupperware box and filled it with plain steamed rice, making a dip/valley in the middle to include more curry.
The Vitamins and fibers came boiled brocoli and sliced raw okra (very much in season. Have you ever seen their flowers?), red and yellow pimentoes ad a few sliced black olives.
Plenty, I can assure you!

Fresh peaches for dessert.

I should be able to hold until tonight!

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