Today’s Lunch Box/Bento (’10/57): Shake Maze Sushi Bento

Tuesday: Sushi Bento Day!
Did I say it was flaming hot outside?
I am certainly going to enjoy my day in my air-conditioned office!
“Shake or Sake/鮭”, although BG will come with another snide remark, means “Salmon”. Both words might turn a bit confusing for some when you write them! LOL

Salmon can easily be bought all year round at supermarkets as “Shiozake/Salted Salmon/塩鮭” and frozen when you have any left.
The Missus is always keen on using some, although I always ask her to discard the skin and fat after sauteing it.
She steamed some rice with a big piece of konbu/seaweed before seasoning it into sushi rice. She mixed it with sauteed salmon flakes, thinly cut pickled myoga ginger and cucumber and sesame seeds (these were not cut, BG!).

She lined the bento box with fresh lettuce before filling it with the sushi rice. She topped it plenty of thinly sliced fresh shiso/perilla leaves, home-pickled sansho/Japanese pepper and a piece of lemon for extra seasoning.

The Missus came up with a Salvador Dali (or is it a Picasso?) like side dish!

She came up with the interesting idea of including a half avocado pear inside its skin as a kind of vessel with its filling, the whole to be eaten with a spoon (I’ve got one at the office!). The semi-hard egg had been boiled in onsen tamago style with its yolk still running. The egg had furthermore been marinated in soy sauce and amazu/sweet vinegar, thus providing the seasoning to the avocado (you “crush” the egg into the avocado with your spoon when eating it!). Some more lettuce for the fiber and Vitamin C, and walnut for dessert.

The salad part was completed with raw sweet pimento sticks and home-pickled cucumber. Cream cheese dressing was provided as a dip sauce for the pimentoes.

I should have called that bento, Mexican Bento!


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8 thoughts on “Today’s Lunch Box/Bento (’10/57): Shake Maze Sushi Bento”

  1. Snide? Moi? In fact, the idea of a sake shake sounds quite interesting! I guess you could even sprinkle (uncut) sesame seeds on top. It could be called Bob’s Shake (or B.S. for short).


  2. That is a gorgeous and delicious looking bento. That side dish is so eye catching. You must be the evny of your colleagues!

    I am so glad I found those hinoki cypress bento boxes on my recent visit to Japan. The store only had the single layer for the unstained one but I did find a round double layer that is stained. Bought them in Narai-juku. They are absolutely beautiful!


  3. I love the avocado with the egg in it. I think my husband would get a kick out of it. I love looking at the bentos your wife makes. She is so creative and inspiring. Keep the pictures coming.


    1. Dear Kirsten!
      Thank you so much!
      The Missus will be certainly glad to hear that!
      Don’t worry, she’s hooked on her own photography!LOL
      Best reagrds,


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