Today’s Lunch Box/Bento (’10/61): 49th Heat Day bento

The colors of today’s bento seem to remind me of the stifling heat outside.
Apparently the average number of heat days (over 30 degrees Celsius) in Japan (not including Okinawa, I’m sure) is 42 days. Well we are already in our 49th! And the end is not within sight!

Originally the Missus had intended the rice as nigiri/rice balls but give up as the rice was a bit too soft.

She steamed plain rice with black rice/kuromai/黒米. Actually the latter is not black, but a deep violet which tends tocolor the plain rice even if added in small quantities. Not only it is of a beautiful color and very tatsty, but also very healthy as it is whole.
The small green pickles are home-pickled Shizuoka wasabi stems.

As for the meat she had a big block of siar siu/roasted-stewd pork in the fridge. She cut slices of them and accoimodated with provided sauce. The green whirls are thin slices, tagliatelle style, of Japanese cucumber. Makes for beautiful design!

Plenty of vegetables and fruit for fluids, fibers and vitamins!

The salads included carrot tagliatelle and edamame with sesame dressing, Chinese green sprouts and chopped seaweed/kobu and Ameera Rubbins sweet pearl tomatoes (grown in Iawata City).

As for the fruit, sliced nashi pear (very crucnhy and juicy!) and blueberries.

I would not mind the heat if I had something like this everyday!

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