Iwate Prefecture Specialties 2: Sanma/Pacific Saury


Sanma O-tsukuri: plate of Pacific Saury sashimi

As previously mentioned, I’ve just spent a nice holiday away from it all in Iwate Prefecture in the North/Tohoku Part of Japan, in Morioka more precisley!

Although Iwate Prefecture does not have as long a seashore as in Shizuoka, it’s nonetheless noted for its fisheries, especially sanma/Pacific saury!

As it comes absolutely fresh in that Prefecture, it is best savored raw in season (right now) when it is “fat”.
We ate the above in a great little izakaya in Morioka City.
The fish was cut in almost paper-thin slices and served with lime, grated ginger, momijioroshi/grated daikon with chili pepper and finely chopped thin leeks to be dipped into soy sauce.
A must for sashimi officionados!

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2 thoughts on “Iwate Prefecture Specialties 2: Sanma/Pacific Saury”

  1. Hee hee! I saw Saury on the original Iron Chef, then had to go read about it. Months later, at a Denver, CO sushi restaurant (http://www.sushitazu.com/), there it was. To the wide-eyed astonishment of my husband and my waitress I ordered this silvery delicacy.
    Yup… it tasted fishy, but it a light, sea scented way. And I realized there ARE many fish in the sea… just not very many advertisable on an AMERICAN scale. I feel lucky I got a chance to slurp down a bit of Japan out in the rockies.
    FWIW this is the Sushi bar where the Japanese grad students go to pick flesh off fish heads broiled in sauce, and my favorite State-Side joint to pick up katsu-don & pickles… so far. Still looking in Seattle.


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