Today’s Lunch Box/Bento (’10/88): Oyakodon Bento

The Missus disagreed technically with the term “oyakodon” as she sid it should be a sort of soft omelette in one piece. She didn’t agree either with the term”Soboro” as it is fine and sweet omelette powder.
She just called “Chicken and Eggs”! LOL

What she did was to first fry the small chicken pieces in sauce before steaming the lot with the rice with the chicken on top. She later mixed the lot and added home-pickled Japanese pepper seeds.
She then added scrambled eggs.

For a closer view. She added tiny slices of home-pickled daikon for tatste and looks.

The “Garnish box” was kept healthy and simple:
Spicy fried burdock roots chips salad.
-Rape blossom plants/Na no Hana/菜の花 and carrots salad with gomadare sauce/sesame dressing.
-Shizuoka-grown kiwi fruit slices and tomatoes!

Healthy and simple, I said?

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2 thoughts on “Today’s Lunch Box/Bento (’10/88): Oyakodon Bento”

  1. Your bento post always make me so hungry and crave for Japanese food, real Japanese food! So much care and art went into preparing and creating your daily meal, kudos to your wife. One lucky man you are 🙂


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