Today’s Lunch Box/Bento (’10/89): Healthy Sushi Bento

The Missus is still obsessed with my weight and girth (although I would never be called “fat” back in France…) and is trying hard to reduce the calories I ingest.
Mind you, I don’t mind a bit, as the bentos she makes still turn out to be very much of my liking! LOL

So she was back with another favorite of hers, “te-mari zushi/small sushi balls”.
She made three kinds all started from the same steamed sushi rice:
-One with smoked salmon topped with capers and lemon. For this one she had mixed the rice with finely chopped Japanese cucumber pickles.
-One with home-pickled daikon called “beni kessho/red make-up (as for lipstick)” cut in very thin slices topped with violet kawairedaikon/daikon sprouts and with sweet umeboshi between the daikon slice and the rice ball. The rice this time was mixed with black roasted sesame seeds.
-One with raw ham. The rice was mixed with small pieces of processed cheese.

As for the “garnish box” she filled it with vegetables sticks for a dip sauce made of cheese mayonnaise: cucumber, carrot, beni kessho daikon, celery and small tomatoes.
Wedges of red and yellow apple for dessert.

I was very hungry come evening but it was a delicious bento!

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