Today’s Lunch Box/Bento (’11/27): Salmon & Seaweed Bento!

To tell the truth the Missus was very grumpy today and you could almost feel it through the colors of her bento! LOL

She filled the first box with two dinstinctive layers of rice.
First she laid the first one and covered it with dry seaweed, a typically Japanese technique. She then spread a second layer and placed two smalls quares of nori/dry seaweed fo pattern and sprinkled the lot with plenty of roasted sesame seeds.
She finally placed on top a slice of salted salmon (fried in light teriyaku styke) she had been frying after the rice had been ready.

Beans, corn, tomato and sweet hijiki seaweed salad with lettuce, lightly pickled zucchini and sliced renkon/lotus roots fried with black sesame seeds,

No dessert… I told you she was in a bad mood!LOL

Very tasty and soid in spite of her character!


Clumsyfingers by Xethia
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