Today’s Lunch Box/Bento (’11/32): Nokorimono Bento!

The Missus is still very busy settling around in around our new appartment.
So, when she asked: “Do you want a bento today?”
I replied: “Yes, if possible!”
To which she commented” In this case, “nokorimono no bento” today!
“Nokorimono” means “leftovers (or what’s ever left in the fridge)!

Plenty of vegetables as you can see, and all locally grown.
After steaming the rice she prepared burdock roots/gobou/牛蒡 in “kinpira” style. She fried some red and green peppers in olive oil and wasabi dressing and black sesame seeds.
The okra served raw with katsuobushi/dry bonito shavings/鰹節.
She then topped the rice with the three of them.
When I ate from that box, I mixed the whole a bit beforehand.

As for the side dish, she first boiled local white and yellow potatoes and then fried them with a tin of yakitori!
She added boiled morokko ingen/モロッコいんげん, a large variety of string beans (these are usually grown for their beans, but the Japanese like them young) knotted for design and some pearl tomatoes!

Very healthy and yummy leftovers, but where was my dessert? LOL


With a Glass,
Clumsyfingers by Xethia
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6 thoughts on “Today’s Lunch Box/Bento (’11/32): Nokorimono Bento!”

  1. Hi, I should say I really enjoy your blog you have many great entries, I’m really impressed about the canned yakitori/ potato combination. Can you tell me did she use a tare or shio style yakitori can? Personally I’ve always eaten the shoi variety straight from the can cold with a bottle of beer. It never occurred to me to cook with it. She must be a fantastic cook.


    1. Cheers Adam”
      Actually the Missus always keeps a few cans at home.
      She used the shio one!
      I totally agree they are good straight out of the can with a beer! LOL
      Best regards,


  2. At least not in my city and in the French speaking part of Switzerland. Yesterday I talked to a Japanese shop assistant and we both agreed such a pub would earn a fortune here!


  3. Even the leftover bentos made by your wife are beautiful! Some people say the cook’s skills can be judged by the way she or he uses the leftovers…
    By the way, do you know that thanks to your comments I finally started to cook from my izakaya recipes book? And apparently, even without knowing, I choose typical izakaya recipes from other sources 🙂 (e.g. tomato shiso salad). Why no one wants to open a Japanese izakaya in Switzerland??? I would be a regular guest.


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