Today’s Lunch Box/Bento (’11/33): Dry Curry & Meat Balls Bento

Dry curry is a very popular way of preparing curried rice in Japan!
Actually, there is nothing dry about it, only a “Japlish” expression!

The Missus, like most Japanese, loves curry, but more the Japanese style than anything else.
This means curry will be mild, even sweet.
You would be surprised how many shops serve curry in Japan, from Tonkatsu Curry to Curry Udon!

Anyway the Missus, after steaming the rice, mixed in curry mix powder and curry paste while the rice was hot.
She filled the main box with it and topped it with a few raisins.

I was not allowed inside the kitchen (even in the bigger one in our new apartment!) while she prepared the meat balls! All she would tell me is that they were made with pork and beef minced meat, cheese and parsley!
I must admit she makes great balls! (No pun meant!)
She added Shizuoka-grown celery for more fibers and vitamins!

The salad and dessert (she did not forget the latter!) box consisted of home-pickled mini melons and carrots, a semi-boiled egg topped with black sesame seeds, lettuce and beautiful Japanese cherries from Nagano Prefecture ( a present from a student!)!

Plenty of colors again, very satisfying (I was very busy physically today) and yummy!


With a Glass,
Clumsyfingers by Xethia
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2 thoughts on “Today’s Lunch Box/Bento (’11/33): Dry Curry & Meat Balls Bento”

  1. I don’t want to repeat myself saying you are lucky…
    I just wanted to say the mixture of beef and pork was always the best in meat balls or patties (according to my mum).


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