Bryan Baird’s Newsletter (2011/09/15): Draught-Only Seasonal Release: Black Fantasy Ale

Baird Beer & Taproom Events Bulletin

Draught-Only Seasonal Release: Black Fantasy Ale

Dear Taproom Friend & Baird Beer Enthusiast:

At Baird Beer we love the resinous pungency of whole flower hops. We also treasure the roasty, oily and smokey acridity of highly kilned dark malts. Surely these powerful and contrasting flavor elements can be artfully combined in a way that yields a fantasy-like beer flavor: one that is commandingly strong yet gently nuanced? The answer is yes. You can drink it in Baird Black Fantasy Ale.

New Baird Beer Seasonal Releases:
*Black Fantasy Ale (ABV 7.5%):

Midnight-black in color thanks to a combined grist addition of highly kilned Chocolate Wheat, Roast Wheat and Black Patent malt, Black Fantasy Ale looks like it might be a Foreign Export Stout. The nose, however, says otherwise. Wafting from the tan collar of pint glass foam is a magnificent aroma reminiscent of ripe fruit and freshly picked herbs (courtesy of double-dry hopping with Centennial, Motueka and Saaz hops). No, this is not your typical stout. That conclusion is immediately confirmed with a fireworks-like explosion of layered hop flavor and pungent bitterness in the mouth (95 kettle BUs of Magnum, Galena, Nugget, Centennial, Motueka and Sterling hops). The finish, though, is silky and oily-smooth.

Have you ever felt exhaustingly invigorated? Black Fantasy will render you thus. The invigoration, though, triumphs over the exhaustion. It will compel you to return for another go of it. Warning: Your perception of beer will be forever changed. You know what they say … Go Baird and never go back!

Baird Black Fantasy Ale is now on tap at all four of our Japan Taproom pubs. It is draught-only and also will be poured at other fine Baird Beer retailing establishments throughout Japan.


Bryan Baird

Baird Brewing Company
Numazu, Japan

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