Sushi Set in a Shizuoka City Supermarket!


There is this kind of quaint rivalry between Tokyo and the rest of Japan when it comes to gastronomy, a situation which is fueled by some famous/notorious guides of international repute/disrepute for obvious financial reasons.
How many times was I told almost brutally by other expats living the grand life of Tokyo that nothing compares with the metropolis when it comes to gastronomy…
Admittedly some regions of Japan are grudgingly granted some kind of recognition, i.e. Kyoto, Hokkaido, etc. under the leadership of the media cited above, but for the rest….
The case of Shizuoka is particularly acute. Tokyo expats (not all, mind ou!) go as far as considering Izu Peninsula and Mount Fuji as their own back gardens!
The situation is purposefully exacerbated by most famous restaurants in the Capital who certainly do not wish people at large to know too much about Shizuoka Prefecture for the simple reason that many of them wouldn’t exist without the myriads of vegetables, meat and fish varieties produced here.
Just visit a supermarket in Shizuoka City and you will understand my meaning! Actually, I stopped completely eating in Tokyo! My money is better spent looking for the hidden treasures of faraway Prefectures.
Enough complaining, and just allow me to show you an example to illustrate this topic:
As the Missus was working today I was responsible for the shopping.

This is what I found at the nearby Shizutetsu Supermarket: a sushi set prepared by Uogashi Company (they have a branch in Yokohama), a fish and sushi company located in Numazu City, in the Eastern part of Shizuoka Prefecture.

The price: 980 yen! Less than 10 Euros or 13 US $!

And all the ingredients are clearly indicated!
Actually, you could buy in lieu of a bento box!
All the fish comes from nearby seas!

Now, what do we have?

From top to bottom, left to right:
Maguro & maguro akami/鮪赤身/tuna lean part. Not the bluefin tuna, but most probably mebachi maguro/目鉢鮪/big eye tuna.
Ika/烏賊/Cuttlefish, most probably surume ika/鯣烏賊/Japanese flying squid.
Shiradai (also called Shirodai)/白鯛/”White seabream” (Gymnocranius euanus Günther).
Sanma/秋刀魚/Pacific saury topped with chopped leek.
Tachiuo/太刀魚/Scabbard fish or largehead hairtail.

From top to bottom, left to right:
Ika/烏賊/Cuttlefish, most probably surme ika/鯣烏賊/Japanese flying squid.
Suzuki/鱸/Japanese seabass/seeperch.
Tamagoyaki/玉焼き/Japanese omelette.
Tachiuo/太刀魚/Scabbard fish or largehead hairtail.
Shirasu gunkan/シラス軍艦/A gunkan style sushi topped with raw sardine whitebait seasoned with chopped leek and ginger.
Sakuraebi Gunkan/桜海老軍艦/Cherry Shrimps seasoned with grated ginger.
You will not find the last two in Tokyo except in ridiculously priced exclusive restaurants!
Soy sauce and grated wasabi.

You will not find such a set at that kind of low price (if you are lucky enough to discover them fresh) for such variety and quality in Tokyo!


With a Glass,
Clumsyfingers by Xethia
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4 thoughts on “Sushi Set in a Shizuoka City Supermarket!”

  1. Dear Robert,
    Thank you for this very nice post!

    I totally agree with you: Tokyo certainly has some really nice restaurants, but these are eclipsed by the incredibly good restaurants in Shizuoka.
    Things like freshly caught Sakura Ebi and Shirasu I’ve never seen in other parts of Japan!


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