Today’s Bento/Lunch Box (11/66): Omu Raisu Bento!

Omu Raisu/オムライスin Japanese means “omelette rice”, that is fried rice wrapped inside an omelette!

So the Missus proceeded in two steps:
first the rice: She steamed plain rice while she pan-fried some vegetables, especially diced pimentos, chopped onion and parsley.
Once the vegetables were almost cooked she added the rice and fried the whole lot while mixing it at the same time. At the last moment she added some tomato sauce and then switched off the fire.

She then made a round omelette in another frying pan.
When the omelette was ready she switched off the fire and filled the center of the omelette with plenty of fried rice.
She closed the omelette over the rice and put the whole upside down inside the round bento box.
She finally made a cross cut to show the inside and decorated the whole with lettuce and plum tomatoes.

As for the salad dessert box, she designed it with plenty of colors as usual!

The salad and the dessert were separated with more lettuce.
The salad consisted of boiled white and pink potatoes from her family’s garden, sliced cucumber and walnut.

For dessert apples cooked with grenadine mixed with raisins.

It proved a very hefty bento and yummy, too!


With a Glass,
Clumsyfingers by Xethia
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