Shizuoka Sake Tasting: Fuji Takasago Brewery-Takasago Shiboritate Otafuku Honjozo Nama Genshu Muroka


Can you distinguish the “face” on the label? LOL

“Otafuku/お多福” is the name of a mask representing the visage of a woman with a small nose and large, round and smooth cheeks! The same woman is supposed to represent good fortune!

next year will the Year of the Horse!

Fuji Takasago Brewery in Fujinomiya City produces this “Otafuku” sake to be drunk during the new year festivities.


This particular brand is a “shiboritate/just pressed”, “nama/unpasteurised”, “genshu/no water added” and “muroka/unfiltered”!


Rice milled down to 60%
Alcohol: 18 degrees
Dryness: + 5
Bottled in DEcember 2013

Clarity: Very Clear
Color: Very faint golden hue
Aroma: Assertive, fruity, flowery, plums, cherries
Body: Fluid
Taste: Very strong attack backed up with puissant alcohol.
Complex. Fruity. Cherries, plums, nuts
Disappears quickly on a very dry note with dry almonds and macadamia nuts.
Changes very little with food. Enhances heavy food such as izakaya fare.

Overall: A straightforward strong sake for very dry sake lovers at parties and heavy celebrations!
To be drunk moderately unless you don’t care!


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22 thoughts on “Shizuoka Sake Tasting: Fuji Takasago Brewery-Takasago Shiboritate Otafuku Honjozo Nama Genshu Muroka”

  1. Women are known for their endurance rather than strength and we can store fat in places men can’t. I’ll find out this weekend as I am going for a try at 5th level. third time is the charm. I’m rather fierce so I hope that will put me over.

    Always look forward to those amazing manhole covers. Truly works of art.

    Best regards to you and the Dragon, I mean, Missus. I’m searching tonight ina toney wine store that alledgedly carries 100+ sakes for my New Year’s sake. Hubby will have a steak and I’ll have vegetable sushi. I think I can find something to suit.

    This year has gone too fast!!!


      1. Oysters…..nice plump sweet oysters slurped right from the shell drizzled with some lemon juice and freshly grated horseradish. My greatgrand father swore by them. I think it is the high concentration of zinc but eating the oysters are more fun

        The sushi looks gorgeous and delicious. Fixed my first batch of umeboshi from my first seaon of plums. I do a southern picklef.okra.i think would work well. Southerners are big picklers. Im not vegetarian….i just really enjoy vegetable sushi. I also do my own pickled ginger and keep quick pickles going all the time in the fridge. One of those habits picked up Samurai. 5th level kendo had for the past two times getting the crap beat out me, lol. We’ll see. If.suvcessful, i’ll let you know. 🙂


      2. Ha! Kendo! Great choice! I did a lot of judo and karate before that… I must admit it helped me a lot out in Japan at first although I had always been in love with the country. It just gave me new and invaluable values to live by! I try not to judge people and I’m not a grudging person even to those who did me really badly. Judo at least sharpened my perceptions of others…
        I’m no vegan nor vegetarian either, but I love my b\veg!


      1. I understood! Actually I call my other half “Dragon” or “my worse half”! Of course she doesn’t agree and many of my friends scold me for that! LOL
        After photography, manhole covers we also share a liking for nihonshu!


      2. Actually I was Dragon originally as I even write about them at (very adult dragon, though, in very long stories!)!
        As my e-mail address indicates “dragon” stood for me and “lapin/rabbit” stood for my worse half! LOL
        Roles were inverted quite a few ago and I introduce The Missus as “Dragon” even in daily life! LOL again


      1. Ha! Just like i like men…dry humor and with a kick…lol. the only time I got passing out drunk was by a deceptive, sneaky, and handsome Japanese man and an equally deceptive sake. All i remember is laughing a lot.and trading bawdy tales. And begging to die the next morning. He felt so much pity for me, he asked me to marry him. Ah, the days if being young and stupid.


      2. Well, in 37 years in Japan I got drunk exactly 8 times and every time with hot sake! That is why I drink it only at room temperature or lukewarm!
        The problem is when I get drunk, I also get sick and have no wish whatsoever for romance then! LOL


      3. Ha….too drunk for romance a d then too sick for romance. This sake was chillef. He said too often indifferent sake was served warm. We always had ours room temp or chilled.. i must say cold sake is my preference, like most Americans, i favor cold over warm beverages. I never got that drunk again but wad amused by him getting that drunk a few years later and offered him a short blade for seppuku. Lol.


      4. Marriage would have been worse than seppuku? LOL
        Actually if you drink sake cold it will hit you later!
        Happy New year to you Toni and all your dear ones!
        Best regards,


      5. He would have had a second to behead him, LOL. We never married – 10 years of bliss and then….sad tale, sad sad tale. I know about that hitting you later – hence: deceptive! I am now extremely cautious. I have posted the sad sad tale in a series on my blog – The Samurai and the Wren. But… goes on. happy New Year to you. Hope it is full of new delights, joy, and cautiously sipped sake.
        Toni (Misosazai)


      6. I should know as I’ve been through that too. The point is to stay positive, remember the good times and move on. Some call it irresponsible…
        Happy New Year Toni!
        Best regards,
        Robert-Gilles (Martineau)


      7. I call it – living. One can’t fold up and die – physically, emotionally, or spiritually. I’ve told my husband however, that if something happens to him and I decide to have another relationship, I’m going for a man 30 years younger. Men tend to….give out.


      8. My poor husband just shakes his head and says, I pity him…..He’ll get old fast. You have to be positive. You can be negative, but it is just such a poor choice. I’m a cancer survivor and it is because I didn’t give up – I kept putting one foot in front of the other, had faith, and here I am today. Still standing. And I keep trying to get past 5th level in Kendo. I will, even if I’m 80 when I finally do it. Not bad for a 4’10” 62 year old. I’ve just never accepted limitations. and that is why I keep searching out and finding good sake – I don’t give up.

        Re: those amazing manhole covers – has anyone thought of using those designs for brooches? on Bentos? I’d think one of those in design on a Bento would make me change my black lacquer with gold dragon…..maybe!


      9. Good girl, indeed!
        Mind you, size does not matter whatsoever. Actually a smaller human has better chances to live longer.
        I remember that story about a wilderness survival test in the Valley of Death. Interestingly enough, all the big guys failed and only a little woman passed!
        I did a lot of sports, especially judo and rugby. At 5″5 1/2, I’m also small by Western standards, but at 65 I’m surprising a lot of people, even the long-lived Japanese. Truth be told I wouldn’t have achieved that in France. I love my sake, craft beer and wine! Same recipe!

        Re: About these manhole covers, I haven’t heard of anyone of using such designs (I’m pretty sure they are not registered as “private property”!) for brooches or bento boxes! Now, this is an idea to develop! I have still tons of manhole covers, so to speak, and some of the designs are stunning! I don’t care to imagine what could find throughout Japan!
        More to come very soon!


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