Service: Aimable, attentif et souriant!
Équipment : Splendide propreté générale. Suerbes toilettes (nous sommes dans un hôtel!)
Prix: Appropriés~élevés
Point forts: Gatsronomie Italienne haute de gamme. Excellente liste de vins à la bouteille  au verre. Magnifique palt de desserts!


En gAs a general rule I do not look too much forward to eat and dine in hotels in Japan, but Al Porto Italian Restaurant is certainly the exception which confirms the rule!
Located on the 15th floor of Hotel Associa Shizuoka it is the only restaurant I would recommend to anyone inside a hotel.
And this all thanks to a great young chef named Satoshi Kakiyama, whom I know personally. But I didn’t give him any advance news of my visit for lunch the other day!


Because it is part of a hotel Al Porto can afford a wine list above average. There some real good offers by the glass even at lunch time!
I started with a glass of Gewurtzstraminer from northern Italy!


A rich wine wine equal to the same grapes wine in Alsace, France!


Home-made bread, naturally!


Antipasto misto with Parma ham, Shizuoka Sole and octopus!


Insalata di granchio e avocado con caviar: avocado, snow crab, ameera tomato from Shizuoka and caviar with a raspberry coulis!
A jewel!


Next I had a glass of Barbera Monte!


I almost forgot to take a picture of this rich red wine full of red fruits!


Capesante al gratin: Scallops Gratin!


Local charcoal-grilled Wagyu beef and local vegetables!


Potofu di fegato e ravanello giapponese: Foie gras atop stewed daikon! A must in Japan!


Spaghetti di scampi e porcini fughi: spaghetti with scampi prawns and porcini mushrooms!


All the while I also enjoyed a solid Cotes de Castillon from South West France!


Very solid and fruity indeed!


The dessert plate is brought to you so that you can have a good look before choosing your sweet tooth sin!
I actually left the choice to the eminently capable waitress!


Little details that make the difference: change of service and coffee brought to your table before your dessert is served.
Actually the cutlery was changed with every dish!


Blanc manger/panacotta, tiramisu,tart and more morsels I didn’t have the time to note down! LOL

Be sure this is only the start of a long venture!

420-0851 Shizuoka City, Aoi Ku, Kurogane Cho, 56, Hotel Associa, 15F
Tel.: 054-205-8633
Opening hours: 11:30~14:00, 17:30~21:00
Reservations advised
Credit Cards OK

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&lt;a href= » »&gt;HIGHOCTANE/HAIOKU by Nick Itoh&lt;/a&gt; Ville de Shizuoka

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