Japanese organic tea producers: Ihachi Farm, heirs to a 15-generation tradition (English Subs).

Greetings everyone! Today we will visit the Shigeta family in Shizuoka Prefecture. They have been farmers from generation to generation, in the middle of the Shizuoka mountainous area Shigeta Seiji, 14 th  generation, took an unprecedented decision by choosing to make organic tea 27 years ago, thinking about the health of his customers and his family. Takuya, his son, is the 15 th  generation and wants to continue the work of his father, by expanding and making their tea more famous.

Shigeta Farm produces Sencha, Genmaicha, Kabusecha and Kocha/black tea are, all organic, sending them around the country and even in Tokyo. Come with us and discover how this eco-friendly tea is made, the constraints to do it in Shizuoka and Japan where it is still very underrated. Takuya, since he took over the tea production, has been looking forward to to develop histea fields and expand his organic tea production. #shizuokagreentea #organicfarming #organicjapan #japaneseteafarmer #japanesetea #kocha #sencha #genmaicha #kabusecha #ihachinouen #ihachifarm

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