(Courtesy of Shizuoka Shinbun. April, 29th, 2008)

A new shochu is born! Well, it will be put on sale from May 10th!
It is a very « limited edition » for its first year: only 500 cc 800 bottles!
Its name « Chittorattsu » means « just a little » i Shizuoka patois.
It was ordered by a group of shochu lovers, including farmers and liquor shops.
Sugii Brewery/Distilliery in Fujieda City used « Gansho » satsuma potatoes grown around Mishima City, natural water from the area and yeast produced in Shizuoka Prefecture.
The label was drawn by a Mishima lady artist as this shochu was particularly designed for ladies.
Alcohol contents are 25.5 degrees.
At 1,500 yen for a 500 cc bottle, it is a bit pricey, but that is why you pay for quality and elegance!

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