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Wind Valley Beer/Kaze no Tani no Biru (風の谷のビール)Weizen is brewed by a Company located at the foot of Mount Fuji. It sells various kinds of products from organic fruit juices to dairies.
Its beers are sold under the label Oratche.

This particular beer is an organic beer using 50% of wheat malt.
It is unfiltered and should be kept in a cold environment because of its live yeast.

Clarity: smoky (unfiltered)
Colour: golden
Foam: light, tends to disappear quickly
Aroma: light, oranges, yeast, banana, cloves
Taste:: very yeasty taste, dry withe a strong accent on cloves.

Overall: A beer very remiscent of German Weizen. Refreshing and light with a sharp character, but does not linger too long. Would go very with cheese and cold meats.

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