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As everyone knows (do you?), Shizuoka Prefecture is the first producer of green tea in Japan. It is no surprise then to see different usages for tea. I recently discovered at Suruga Raku Ichi Store in Asty, Shizuoka JR Station (other article to appear soon) a couple of cakes made by Hamamatsu Bunmeidoo.
They appear as “castella”, one called “Chyattera” (Chya/tea + Castella), with half of it seasoned with tea, and the other one, “chya Mikan” (Tea + Orange), with some sweetmeat (anko type jam) and orange flavoured part in the middle.
Both cakes are very tasty, but not too sweet or cloy. Go very weel with a cup of hot green tea!

Hamamatsu Bunmeidoo
Hamamatsu City, Higashi Ku, Jian Machi, 1401
Tel.: 053-4620002

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