Shizuoka Manjyu Cakes


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These are other cake I recently discovered at Suruga Raku Ichi Store in Asty, Shizuoka JR Station (other article to appear soon). This time, it is a Shizuoka City Bakery, Tokai Seika who produced them:

“manjyu” in Japanese are cakes basically steamed rather than baked.
-The flat green one is “Tyatsuu”, made with tea.
-The green one is “Tororo Iri O Tya Manjyu”, made with tea and containing grated yam.
-The brown one is “Sumpu KO Manjyu” including sweetmeat (anko).
-The white one is “Sake Mushi Majyu”, majyu steamed in sake.
Don’t too many of them or you will need litres of tea to wash them down! LOL

Tokai Seika
Shizuoka City, Aoi Ku, Takajo Machi, 2-29
Tel.: 054-2452365

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