Shizuoka Beer 3-2: Wind Valley Beer/Kaze No Tani no Biru-Pilsner


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This is my second tasting of the beer from this micro-brewery lost in the east of the prefecture at the foot of Mount Fuji:

Wind Valley Beer/Kaze No Tani no Biru-Pilsner

This particular beer is an organic beer using 50% of wheat malt.
It is unfiltered and should be kept in a cold environment because of its live yeast.

Clarity: smoky (unfiltered)
Colour: golden
Foam: solid, steady and lingering.
Aroma: light, yeasty, bread, oranges, cloves
Taste: Dry, bread, yeast, oranges. Becomes a little sweeter later

Overall: Taste nicely lingering in mouth. Very satisfying drink. Sharp on palate with a marked individuality. Goes very well with food

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