Today’s Bento/Lunch Box (1)


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It seems that lunch boxes, bento in Japanese, are increasingly becoming popular with foreigners, not only in Japan but with a lot of former of expats who spread the word back home.
Since my better (worse?) half does have to prepare a bento for me at least three times a week, It is only doing justice to her to introduce what she concocts (I will ot impose the sandwiches I sometimes “order”!) with a lot of care, I must admit.

Today’s fare was “hijiki gohan”, rice steamed with hijiki seaweed, carrots, soy sauce, sake and I do not know what else, with some homemade Japanese pickles. The accompanying “dish” is from bttom to top, left to right, “kamaboko/fish paste” inserted with Shizuoka-made “wasabizuke/pickled wasabi”, boiled eggs, sweet violet yams dessert stew/”murasaki satsuma imo ni”, fresh plum tomatoes, roast pork and sauce, French pickles/”cornichons”, lettuce and greens!

A complete lunch as you can se!
Look forward to the next posting!

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