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“Common desserts” can become a real disappointment when bought over the counter of mass-producing cake shops.
A good “Creme Brulee” ought to be easy to find, even in this very precise-minded country. Actually, to the eternal chagrin of its officionados, it is not.
Therefore, it feels like a rare boon to discover the real product made along simple lines and with good ingredients.
Le Cafe-Labo’s Creme Brulee is made with eggs, fresh cream, sugar, vanilla beans (you know, these tiny black spots!) and milk, … and nothing else! No jelly, no artificial emulsifier, and what else.

And as you lovingly break its caramel coating it does not sink into oblivion. The pudding under, and not some inconsistent “cream”, reveals itself both soft and solid and can be scooped a little bit at a time (that is for gentle ladies, as I tend to gobble it down!) to be truly enjoyed as the dessert everyone has a right to expect!
As for the taste? I did not mention the taste? … Perfect!

424-0886 Shizuoka City, Shimizu Ku, Kusanagi, 46
Tel.: 054-3441661
Also available at Isetan Dept. Store, Shizuoka City, Aoi Ku, Shichiken-Cho