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Today’s bento (yes, on Monday! Tomorrow will be sandwiches, then!) was more a combination “East Meets West” than a usual bento!

Instead of rice, the Missus prepared cold “ramen” for which a small bag of “tsuyu/broth” was provided to pour before eating.
The topping was more of a second dish than anything else: smoked salmon salad (with the capers!) and boiled “sora mame/broad beans) inside chicory leaves, soft-boiled eggs, asparaguses and fresh Shizuoka tomatoes.

I could have poured in the broth immediately (and make a mess of it!). Instead, I ate half of the “barquettes/stuffed chicory leaves”, and only then poured the broth.
For dessert, oranges, grapes and cherries.
Very satisfying during this very wet rainy season!

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