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Savarin must be one of the most celebrated cakes all over the world.
Named after the unavoidable Brillat-Savarin, the great gastronome, it has appeared under many guises over the years, but the basics are still the same.

Le-Cafe labo has come with a very Japanese interpretation:
Instead of a single tier, it is built upon two tiers spong cake/gateau de Savoie intesped with custard. Only the bottom tier has been soaked not with usual rum, but with hydromel.
The offering is certainly lighter than the ones back home in France, but nonetheless delicious.
Moreover the orange toppings, one a confit slice, the other one a brulee wedge, is a great find, ensuring a slow savouring of the cake from top to bottom.

Once again, a cake great with coffee (alright, tea is fine, too! LOL)
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