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Today’s bento had a definite Shizuoka Summer flavour to it, even if it meant I had to carry three boxes and empty two dressing bottles at the office! LOL.

The Missus prepared “Tchya Soba”/Tea soba noodles from Shibakawa Cho at the foot of Mount Fuji. having boiled and washed them under running cold water, she drained as much as possible before putting them in the box topped withfinely cut “nori”/seaweed.

As for seasoning she had chopped some leek and myoga fine, which I added to the soba before pouring some “tsuyu”/clear cold stock soup (larger bottle) and gently mixing the lot as I ate them.
The other seasoning was “goma tare”/Thick sesame dressing (vert tasty! do try it!) for the salad part:

On a bed of finely chopped vegetables, slices of raw ham, spicy cheese and “candy tomatoes” from Kakegawa City.
For once I noticed that she had not included any dessert. Need I lose weight?

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