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sake, shochu and sushi


In the heat of the Summer, the Japanese make a point of serving hearty meals and bento as this is a time when you lose so much energy. As they say in this country, this is “stamina meals time”!

To that purpose the Missus had marinated chicken in sake, oyster sauce and probably rice vinegar (that is all I could extract from her!) for a whole night.
She fried them all with baby carrots, leeks and home-pickled Japanese pepper/sanshyo and placed the ot on top of a bed of rice steamed with finely chopped fresh ginger roots (she probably added some dashi/Japanese stock soup and a little sake to the water).

Served with homemade cucumber pickles, boiled brocoli, fresh plum tomatoes and a salad “side dish”, I reckon it was plenty!

Nota Bene: No dessert was included this time as “punishment” for having eaten it during the night!

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