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I would like to dedicate this particular recipe to all sushi and sushi rol lovers!
My better (worse?) half came up with this simple recipe the same day she prepared the bonito sushi.
Once again she used traditional sushi rice added with fine pieces of pickled fresh ginger.

On a large piece of cooking cellophane paper she first placed thin strips of avocado and slices of smoked salmon, and finally the rice, keeping in mind to place them as to form a regular-shaped cylinder.


She then wrapped the cellophane paper around the whole as shown on above picture.

She cut the sushi roll through the cellophane paper with a sharp knife she wiped between each cut.
N.B.: Wiping the knife the knife on a humid cloth is a technique universally used in Sushi restaurants to insure clean cuts!

She finally served the cuts topped “Tobikko” (flying fish roe). Lghtly dipped in shoyu, great with Japanese sake!

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