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Some of you may have noticed in recent days that things at our favourite site were slightly off-target. There are many reasons for that:
About two weeks ago Foodbuzz faced a nasty concerted attack by spammers attempting to impose their nefarious sales (incidentally, if you discover a “member” whos name includes the word “buy”, inform the site immediately!). There will always be people bent on thievery and scams. It is my personal pleasure to announce that they were swiftly erased into oblivion on (off) the spot. Thank you so much, Shannon!
Last night (in Japan), the site went off line for a few minutes to allow a complete overhaul. Some “My Profile” features had found themselves overloaded through well-intentioned utilization making the access to personal websites through Foodbuzz impossible (Liz, be my witness!). The problem was corrected last night along with a general beefing-up of log-in safety nets. Moreover, a host of new features were added for our convenience.

I have witnessed the rise of the Internet since its inception and I can guarantee there are unsung heroes over there bleeding, sweating and weeping day and night to ensure that we all (humble) beggars enjoy our next banquet in complete serenity! Dorian and mates, thank you heaps!

Therefore, I would like to ask you all to indulge this old geezeer and raise your glass (of Champagne, wine, beer, sake, or mineral water) in a big toast of thanks!
Kampai, cheers, prosit, sante, salute, namaste,…!

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