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Greetings, everyone!

Foodbuzz has been in official existence for two years now, and it is improving all the time for the benefit of all.
But this is not a message aimed at complimenting or extolling the virtues of our community.

I already have written an article explaining why and how Foodbuzz had been made more secure.
Unfortunately there are still a few people who misunderstand the real purpose of the venture.
Internet has gown through a number of bubbles, and the last thing we want is another one! The problem caused by “posting anything to Friends” with the consequent mail boxes saturation has already been rightly pointed out and dealt with.
I visit many chalkboards every day, and I have repeatedly come across “recruiting” messages and “invitations” to visit blogs. Although legitimate in intention, such postings can become quite offensive when they lack a minimum of civilty.
Let’s call a spade a spade: if a member thinks he/she is here for a quick buck, he/she will have to think again. One will have to wait at least a couple of years and work a minimum of two hours at it every day before making any significant eearnings.
Companies and business-oriented blog owners also have a right to belong to the Foodbuzz community, but I would kindly ask them to first offer their services as Featured Sponsors instead of leaving one-mile long advertizing messages on chalkboards.
All these occurences are a bore at best and an eyesore at worst.

I personally have over 2,000 “Friends”, but I’m pretty happy with my daily 150-odd hits.
Actually, I do harbor doubts as to the need to display numbers in brackets, which tends to encourage unhealthy competitions between members and does not reflect the true picture anyway.

I do not wish to pose as a paragon, but I have a simple method, which brings me plenty of satisfaction:
-1) I make a point to request friendshp with all new foodies.
-2) If my request is accepted, I write a greetings message on my new Friend’s chalkboard with a personal comment or two whenever feasible.
-3) If this message is answered, a new relationship has begun!
If someone requests my friendship, I make a point to accept it, write a thanks message, and visit the website if advertized.

Now this said, no one is perfect, but a little comprehension would certainly come in handy!

Sincerely hoping this old geezer has not unintentionally offended anyone in any manner,

Robert-Gilles Martineau

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