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This is the last (for the moment) of the Usami Brewery series:

Usami Brewery “Rhein” (German Type)

Ingredients: Grain Malt, Hops
Alcohol: 5%
Contents: 300ml
Live yeast, unfiltered, unpasteurized.

Clarity: Very clear
Colour: Dark brown, neat colour
Foam: Long head, fine bubbles
Aroma: Dry, caramel, Welcome acidity
Taste: Well-rounded. Refreshing. Solid. Complex.
Apples, oranges, light caramel. A little acidity. Sweetish finish.
Lingers in back of the mouth

Overall: Sweetish for a Japanese palate, just right for a European/North American one.
Lighter than expected. Wel-rounded as for taste.
Very satisfying with food.

Usami Brewery
European Ji Beer Company
Ito City, Usami, 3504-1
Tel.: 0557-33-0333
HOMEPAGE (Japanese)

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