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Tokyo residents or visitors are so lucky!

On January 17th (Saturday, 14:00) join Melinda Joe and Japanese food expert Elizabeth Andoh, author of award-winning cookbook Washoku, for the first installation of our Sake Fundamentals workshop! In this session, we’ll talk about sake production, grades of sake, and pairing. Find out what separates a honjozo from a daiginjo, how to choose the right sake for your food, and much, much more. You’ll have the chance to taste five wonderful sake, along with Andoh-sensei’s delicious Japanese home-cooking. You only have a week to sign up, so get cracking.

More sessions on February 7th and March 7th! Check calendar!

Must-see tasting websites:
-Sake: Tokyo Through The Drinking Glass, Tokyo Foodcast, Urban Sake, Sake World
-Wine: Palate To Pen
-Beer: Good Beer & Country Boys, Another Pint, Please!
-Japanese Pottery to enjoy your favourite drinks: Yellin Yakimono Gallery

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