Abondance’s Classic Cakes (1): Tendresse/Tenderness


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Bernard Heberle in Hamamatsu City has become the reference in the whole of Shizuoka Prefecture when it comes to French cake and confectionery.
A man of character, he has steadfastly kept faithful to his principles and ethics and blessed us with uncompromising creations of a level diificult to equal!

This particular creation is named “Tendresse” in French, meaning tenderness in English.
In Bernard’s French words:
-“Voici le gâteau que je te propose ce mois ” Tendresse ” qui est un gâteau a base de Fromage blanc et de pâte a bombe , très léger et même ceux qui n’aime pas le fromage y trouverons leurs plaisir. Léger et onctueux décoré avec des macarons a la Framboise.”
-“Here is the cake I would like to introduce your friends to this month. It is called “Tenderness” and is made with a very light combination of Fromage Blanc/White cheese and Pate a bombe/very fine sponge cake variety. Even people who do not like cheese will appreciate it. Light and soft, it is decorated with raspberry macarons”.

I’m ready to take the 30-minute bullet train to Hamamatsu to savour it!

Address: Hamamatsu Shi, Sumiyoshi, 2-14-27 (in front of Seirei Hospital)
Tel.: 053-4738400
Fax: 053-4738401
Opening hours: 10:00~20:00. Closed on Tuesdays.

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