The days are still (relatively at 11 degrees!) cold in Shizuoka City, and the Missus thought of providing me with the right kind of needed calories.


Therefore, I was offered 4 fairly large “nigiri/rice balls” containing “hijiki/sweet seaweed” and white sesame topped with “soft” umeboshi/Japanese pickled plums, the whole wrapped into “shiso/perilla” leaves.


The plain “tamagoyaki/Japanese Omlelette” arrangement drew my attention as she alternated them upwards and sideways.
My compliment only drew a hiding (-“I always present them so!”-“Sorry, girl! I was too hungry to notice it before!”) from my (?) half. LOL


As for the “accompaniment”, I was served, on a bed of chopped greens, home-made “chicken ham” later smoked with tea leaves. I refrained from complimenting as I had my dose of hiding for the day. Then some lettuce (not cut, but hand-shred), cornichons, soft cheese, plum tomatoes, and fruit for dessert: Shizuoka-grown orange, golden kiwi and strawberries.

If I can’t compliment, I can’t complain, either! LOL

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