Upon reading recent great postings by budget-limited ladies like Sugarbar and GirlJapan introducing appetizing recipes and including stunning pics, I felt that in these times of poor economy and reduced budgets it could be a good idea to share experience in preparing meals without emptying your purse. After all, cakes and superlative dinners at renown restaurants are great, but we still have to eat balanced food at the best value everyday!

This is where I would like to propose the Foodbuzz gurus to open another section on their “Submit” window, namely “Submit a Budget Lunch”!

As an example to illustrate the above request, here is what The Missus came up with for lunch yesterday (full pic above):


The salad was made with chopped greens, boiled green and mauve (they turn violet upon boiling, but recover their original colour when sprinkled with dressing) all bought at the local supermarket and grown locally.


The rice bowl. I had two helpings.


The Missus steamed rice with home-stewed azuki beans and violet sweet potatoes. Upon steaming it, she took the konbu/seaweed piece out, chopped it fine and mixed it back with the rice. She served it in a bowl sprinkled with white sesame seeds.
Until now, this could have become a lunch for vegans or vegetarians!


The main dish. I had two helpings, too!


The whole lot was stewed in the “oden” fashion providing for great hot soup! It contained daikon, konnyaku (devil’s tongue tuber), ito (vermicelli) konnyaku, bacon-cabbage rolls, cabbage-sausage rolls (the rolls are home-made, not frozen) and “buta bara niku/large chunks of pork”.

Cheap, fulfilling and healthy!

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