Baird Beer & Taproom Events Bulletin 2009 #5

Dear Taproom Friend & Baird Beer Enthusiast:

Winter is a time of hibernation for many species. The Barley Wine style of beer is not one of these. Winter is the season that this big bear of the beer world comes out to play. Baird Ganko Oyaji (“Stubborn Ol’ Man) Barley Wine 2009 is being released from his cellar cave on Wednesday, February 11 (coinciding with the kick-off of our Baird Big Beer Winter Week at the Nakameguro Taproom).

Ganko Oyaji Barley Wine 2009 (ABV 9%):

Brewed in July 2008 and packaged upon krauesening in October, Ganko Oyaji 2009 sports a grist bill of three base malts (including some wheat), two caramel matls and Japanese red sugar. The starting gravity is high (25.3 P) resulting in a strong beer, yet the apparent attenuation is modest at 67% leaving ample residual body and sweetness. This rich texture and sweet mouthfeel is balanced by 85 IBUs of American hops (Warrior, Columbus, Horizon, Sterling). Aroma hopping was done in the whirlpool but no dry-hopping was conducted in the conditioning tank. Ganko Oyaji is an ideal after-dinner or before bed restorative. It promises to condition nicely in the bottle and keg for months and years to come.

Ganko Oyaji Barley Wine 2009 will be available on draught and in bottle-conditioned (633 ml) form through the fine family of Baird Beer retailers in Japan (including our own Taprooms) beginning Wednesday, February 11. In addition, limited quantities of both bottle- (360 ml) and keg-conditioned Ganko Oyaji 2008 are also available for purchase. The vertical tasting of strong beers of different vintages is both highly enjoyable and extremely instructive.

Baird Big Beer Winter Week 2009 at the Nakameguro Taproom (Wednesday, February 11 – Tuesday, February 17):

Wednesday, February 11 is a Japan national holiday and Baird Big Beer Winter Week 2009 kicks off that day at noon at our Nakameguro Taproom. This annual event is a celebration of strong beers whose power and warmth are best enjoyed in the cold chill of the winter season. Fourteen different Big Beers will be on tap at Nakameguro all week long; they will be matched with ten or so original dishes being brainstormed by Yoko-chan and the Nakameguro Taproom kitchen staff (all priced between 500 and 1500 yen). The Big Beers to be offered are:

-Ganko Oyaji Barley Wine 2009
-Ganko Oyaji Barley Wine 2008
-West Coast Wheat Wine 2009
-West Coast Wheat Wine 2008
-Dark Sky Imperial Stout 2009
-Dark Sky Imperial Stout 2008
-Yabai Yabai! Strong Scotch Ale 2009
-Yabai Yabai! Strong Scotch Ale 2008
-Hatsujozo 2009 Double IPA
-Hatsujozo 2008 Double IPA
-Kinshu Domei Double IPA
-BakaYaro! Ale (Original receipe and concept of home-brewer Chris Poel)
-Baird Dubbel
-Double Piston Bock (Dopplebock)

All Big Beers will be served in half-pint (750 yen) and taster (400 yen) sizes only. Taster Cards (including punches for all fourteen beers) will be sold for 5,000 yen (600 yen discount from the a la carte purchase price). Taster Cards are valid for the duration of the event week but not thereafter. Please plan on joining us in Nakameguro for a fantastic Big Beer Winter Week!

Bryan Baird

Baird Brewing Company
Numazu, Japan

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