Today’s Lunch Box/Bento (’09/14)


Today’s bento could have been called “leftovers bento”!
And for once I did participate to its making, unwittingly I must admit!

First the rice part consisted of rice steamed with curry powder, spices and a little olive oil. The Missus mixed it with some of the fine ratatouille salad I had made for last night dinner! Quite tasty, I must admit! LOL

As for the garnish, she provided me with a boiled egg, plum tomato, cornichons, trevise, lettuce, and water cress.

The meat part was a bit of an innovation. The Missus thawed pieces of frozen tuna, seasoned them a little first, then fried them on one side, turned them over and while they cooked she placed cheese on one and spiced veg tomato sauce on another one. Once cooked they formed an interesting “sandwich”!
No dessert this time. I expect a big dinner back home tonight! LOL

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