I enjoy reminiscing about some of the best food I’ve ever had, especially in times I have to be craeful about my waistline! LOL
Today was such a day as I will go on a trip to Yakushima next week, and everyone knows it is never a good idea to board a plane with an unfit overfed body!
At the beginning of the year I found myself enjoying the memories of some sublime desserts. I don’t why, but today I feel like sharing my experiences about Italian food. My family and ancestors back in France will ask questions!
Shizuoka City has some top-class Italian restaurants serving very original gastronomy. Let’s see if you would be titillated by the following offerings!


A decadent Saffran Risotto with Foie Gras in Balsamico sauce (same as pic above) as served at Aquavite.


A very unusual plate of Spinach Gnocchi in Wild Boar sauce (Aquavite).


A charcoal-grilled “Hanadai Snapper” (caught off Shizuoka shore) with its herbs. One of my best fish dishes ever (Aquavite).


A Sicilian-style Baked Lamb Chops and its Vegetables Platter so reminiscent of country-style food (Il Paladino)


Deep-fried Veal Sweetbreads with Baked Risotto Balls. A discovery! (Via del Borgo)


“Shirako/Cod Sperm Sacs” Gratin. Tasted like foi gras. Doubt you can enjoy that in Italy! (Il Paladino)


Octopus and Vegetables Jelly Terrine. Such colours! (Via del Borgo)


Another decadent Piemonte Truffles Risotto (Via del Borgo)!


An original plate of “Sazae/Turbo Shellfish”, anchovy, green olives and Puttanesca Tomatoes Spaghetti! (Aquavite)


And finally such a heart-warming Venison stewed in red wine! (Latina)

What do you think?

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