Yakushima Island: Coming posting!


(Asahigani/Asahi Crab at Iwasaki Hotel in Yakushima Island)

I’m going on a short trip to Yakushima Island between Kyushu Island and Okinawa. Yakushima Island is one of only three World Nature Heritages in Japan. Check this website!

(Sashimi from fish caught off Yakushima Island)

Some of the gastronomy there, especially fish, fruit and shochu is enough of a reason to visいt the place!

In spite of a 20,000 + population, half of this island is wild.
During the tourist season (luckily we are avoiding that!) thousands of tourists come to explore the untouched forests which have inspired many artists and film directors:

The island is also blessed with some of the best water in Japan. Many breweries of all kinds from Kyushu and Honshu Islands come to collect their water there!

Not to forget there are plenty of spots for bathing, rivers, lakes, beaches and hot springs spas!

Looking forward to talk about it all soon!

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