Abondance’s Classic Cakes (3): Noisette/Hazlenut


As promised, this is another cake created by my good friend Bernard Heberle In Hamamatsu City!

In his own words:
“Voici le gâteau du mois ” Noisette” tout simplement un mélange de chocolat noir et de lait avec une dacquoise aux noisettes torréfiées ainsi que base croustillante le tout surmonte d’une chantilly légèrement chocolatée. Très agréable en bouche , un mélange de saveurs et de texture façon criollo.”

“Here is this month cake, “Noisette/Hazelnut”.
It consists of a simple mixture of milk and black chocolate with a roasted hazelnuts Dacquoise as a crusty base. The whole is topped with slightly chocolate -flavoured Chatilly cream and black chocolate.
Very soft on the tongue. A combination of savours and texture in criollo fashion.

As usual, I doubt I need to add any comment!

Address: Hamamatsu Shi, Sumiyoshi, 2-14-27 (in front of Seirei Hospital)
Tel.: 053-4738400
Fax: 053-4738401
Opening hours: 10:00~20:00. Closed on Tuesdays.

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