The Missus has this peculiar habit of teasing me (very) early in the morning by asking me:
-How would you like your rice for your bento today?
-You should have answered at once, since you know I was going to cook rice since last night!

Then, as I was finishing my coffee:
-How big do you want it?
-Just the usual!
-All right,…

I should have known better, because she did come with a big one!


She steamed the rice with shredded carrots and served it with black sesame seeds and some home-made sweet ginger pickles.


She has just bought a new large tamagoyaki fry pan, so I know she will cook my favourite bento item for some time. A couple of Shizuoka-grown mini-tomatoes were added.


Then she came up with deep-fried renkon/lotus roots, Chicken sasami/breast fillets deep-fried with shiso/perilla leaves dry seaweed.. Some lettuce and lemon finished the lot.


As for the salad (-eat it before the rice!, she ordered):
On lettuce leaves, cucumber, boiled brocoli, Japanese processed cheese, walnuts and strawberries!

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