Greetings again!

I’m not a member of the Foodbuzz Team (Fate helps them, lol!), but having been a member for more than a year in Foodbuzz’s less than three-year history, I’ve come across some general patterns, and I thought it was time the old geezer shared his little (hard-earned) know-how with his blogmates before an unknown entity’s chopsticks pick him up out of this world (I’m an agnostic, incidentally!)!

-I’ve noticed that many foodies, new and old, did not include their url/blog adddress on their Foodbuzz Profile. I understand that the Foodbuzz homepage does need time to learn how to use and navigate, but advertising your website is the one reason you become a Foodbuzz Member!

-Being a WordPress and Internet Explorer user I found myself refused to leave a message inside a Blogspot user’s Comment Box once out of twice.
It is extremely frustrating not to be able to greet or compliment a fellow blogger who deserves the attention.
Blogspot does offer Comment Boxes compatible with WordPress and other systems.
It would be great if a Blogspot user could inform everyone on which is the best Comment Box to use. That is, if one wants to communicate with everyone else!

-Courtesy makes good sense:
If you blog to advertise yourself, your business or someone else’s business, please be frank and open about it.
The more respect you will get for your honesty!

-Foodbuzz is a great tool to make new friends all over the World with the minimum time and sweat.
I would advise all my blogmates to at least buzz every new blogger and request their friendship.
At the present daily rate of 40~60 new foodies you are bound to discover a like-minded soul. You can always limit yourself to your own living area or common interests.
It is certainly bound to pay off someday!
For instance, I obtained a part-time writing job at Japan-I thanks to a blogmate’s recommendation. Very appreciated in these hard-economy times! On the other hand, I had the pleasure to guide new Italian friends from Holland for two full days around Shizuoka last month!

-Make a point to reply to any comment written by fellow bloggers on your Foodbuzz Comments Page (formerly Chalkboard). This is where fruitful relations start!

-Foodbuzz Profile: write as much as you can about yourself. It will help first acquaintances to acquire a good idea of your personality.
Photoes are subject to personal tastes and priorities, but please do not let that window empty too long: fruit plates can become very boring/negative at length!

-Last, not but not least, food,drinks and recipes are great, but a little word about the people who made them and the places where you enjoyed them will add spice (sorry for the pun!). There is a story, however small, behind everything. This will encourage visitors to read your postings twice.
On the other hand, if you wish to leave a comment on a great blog/posting, a little effort in proving you have effectively read your blogmate’s article will sound more sincere and positive than a dry “great blog! great posting!…”

Robert-Gilles Martineau

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