Foodbuzz: How to upload your url on your Profile


Greetings again!

As I said before, many blogmates omit to upload their webste-blog/url-address on their Foodbuzz Profile.
Although it is comparatively easy, it is not evident for newcomers and easy to miss out.
Now the Foodbuzz team is too busy to answer all (the same) questions pertaining to that matter.
It is up to us, Foodbuzz members, to help each other. LOL
Alright, the old geezer is enjoying it!

Now, here is how you proceed:
-Open Foodbuzz Homepage (we know that!…)
-Go to tool bar at top of the page and click on “My Profile” (you might have to log in before proceeding any further). Click on “edit your profile”
-Go down until you find: “Add RSS by Site URL (like” write your website url (leave the “blog” window as it is).
-Press on “update”, et voila!

Simple, ain’t it?
But you will get more traffic!

Tomorrow, I will talk about those notorious Blogspot Comment Boxes!

Robert-Gilles Martineau

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