France has issued many stamps on food (not foodstamps!) on her own gastronomy for quite some time including the new series will be issued on April 25th and wil be printed in the form of mini-sheets dedicated to a particular region with stamps, pics and explanations.
As for stamps issued since the first stamp in 1849, quite a few were issued with cheese as a theme:

Probably the most famous and most copied French cheese!
Made from cow’s milk, the best are created with raw milk in the city of Camembert, Normandie!


Reblochon, a semi-hard washed type of cheese made in the French Alps, it is very versatile as it can be eaten as it is, inside a pie, or in Fondue! Very soft taste.


The King of all Blue Cheese, but not the oldest one. Copied all over the World, it is exclusively made with ewe’s milk and matured inside natural caves. Great with a Port or Banyuls wine any time of the day!

Next I will introduce some great traditional dishes and ingredients!

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